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Hotel ROI events are a fresh, fast-paced series that are built to inform, inspire and give action to insights that can be implemented as soon as you return to the office. Hotel ROI will focus on the critical issues in local markets and provide clear and actionable insights to challenges from experts that will help you drive profitability from your hotel assets.

2017 CITIES:

Houston 04/24

Los Angeles 06/22

Chicago 08/10

Baltimore 8/24

Pittsburgh 09/14

Atlanta 09/27

Charlotte 10/11

The hospitality market is changing, and the Hotel ROI series will help your business change with it. Here's how.

The People in the Room

The people who matter in any industry are busy. Our streamlined format helps to attract the decision makers that you need to speak to - leading local owners, investors, operators, lenders, brands, asset managers and senior advisors. Your attendance shows a dedication to maximizing ROI and asset value.

The event is geared 100% to localized information that you can immediately utilize in your area.

The Format

Hotel ROI is designed to maximize your time away from the office. Short, focused and close to your property, Hotel ROI disrupts the traditional conference model by abandoning the overwhelming exhibit hall and closed off breakout rooms, to bring the conversation into an open environment conducive to business discussion.

Why So Timely?

Buy and sell transactions year over year in the hospitality industry are down. People are not moving assets in our industry like they used to, and the way to make money is to maximize the ROI of your current assets. The Hotel ROI series is about connecting revenue specialists with hotel owners and decision makers.



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